Soulful writing – Giving voice to that voice in your heart and soul

Welcome! I’m Sonja Haller

I write for one of the largest daily newspaper in the country.

I help spiritual and health and wellness experts bring their healing messages from up in the ether down into terms and concepts we can all relate to.

I am an intuitive storyteller. My latest creation is a host of mystical fairytales. Yum!

I love to work with people who need help discovering their own intuitive storytelling process.

People who want to birth that “thing” rattling around in their heart and soul so it can take form in whatever form it needs: book, blogs, monologue, podcast, company newsletter…

I have more than 20 years of professional writing experience.

Yet I still have unfinished manuscripts lying about.  Half-baked ideas sketched out on napkins. Wretched poetry I wrote that now serves as a bookmark in long-ago read novels. I know what it’s like to feel creatively stuck. But I also have experience tapping into the flow so that writing becomes not so much an act of driving the words forward as taking dictation.

It’s soulful writing. It’s intuitive storytelling. It connects you to something bigger than yourself. Come on my creative comrades, play with me.

Want to know more? Start by reading my Blog.



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